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Parent Resources

The difference between life and death is taking an active, aggressive approach to your health care.

We didn’t. And it almost cost us our daughter’s life. (Read about our Journey)

Because of this website, We have been able to connect¬† with families all over the world.¬† Through Neely’s story we have been able to offer hope and encouragement to other families. With every phone call, email, and new connection, we are reassured that sharing our story is the right thing to do. Your support inspires us. Please don’t hesitate to share this site with your friends and family if you feel they can benefit from reading Neely’s Story.

Our journey has taught me the importance of trusting your instincts as a parent, never accepting “no” as an answer, finding a physician that listens to you, and taking an aggressive stance on educating yourself about your health care options.

Have you ever accepted treatment without question, felt awkward about asking for a second opinion, or hesitated to change doctors because of the hassle of the paperwork? No one will advocate harder for you, than YOU! And no one will advocate harder for a child than a concerned parent.

Take a look at the links in our blog-roll on the home page for medical and support resources.Or contact us directly through the contact form or using our contact information.

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