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When does ADEM (Acute Disseminating Encephalomyelitis) occur?

Article posted on Thursday, February, 16th, 2012 at 12:58 pm

Left to Right: Ava, Christy, Neely, and Jamie Thompson

Spring is right around the corner for those of us living in Greenville, South Carolina. We have already had enough warm, sunny days to give everyone a good dose of allergies and vacation-fever.  Everyone I talk to seems to be planning for summer vacations, outdoor sports, and fun at the beach.  We are too.  But there is something else happening this Spring that leaves me with anxiety and a strong desire to talk about Neely’s Recovery and ADEM.

If you are new to Neely’s story, then it is important for you to understand that no-one really knows why ADEM occurs. There seem to be several identifiable triggers to ADEM, however why and when ADEM occurs is still a mystery.

Over the last few years, I’ve ready everything that I can get my hands on about the condition.  I’m certainly no doctor, but I came across one, Dr. Benjamin Greenberg, that drew some interesting conclusions about the “when.”  Based on his research, there are an increased number of ADEM cases during the Spring/Early Summer months. Which means that along with the beautiful tulips, sunshine, and blooming trees the next few months are going to bring an increased number of ADEM cases in children. And that terrifies me. Not because I fear Neely will get sick again (although that is always a fear) but because I fear that there will be other children who are diagnosed either too late or not at all.   I can’t hardly bare the thought of it. And the only way to change it is to talk about it.

Awareness is key. Early detection and treatment is critical.  Trusting your instincts about your child’s health is paramount.  Share Neely’s story and others like it with your friends and family.  We may never know the number of lives that are changed from hearing it.



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  • My brother and sister-n-law’s niece is in a coma due to ADEM. They have figured out the that the swelling in her brain has affected the area that deals with consciousness and are concerned that she may not wake up.

    We are praying for a miracle – they are giving her 2 weeks to wake up. She is close to you in Charleston SC. 19 month old, sweet baby girl.

    I have just started reading your blog and I’m going to go read more now.

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