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Being Inspired by Roy Spence

Article posted on Sunday, September, 25th, 2011 at 10:24 pm
Roy Spence and Christy Thompson

Hanging out with Roy Spence

Ok, I am a wife, a mom, an advocate for children, and a marketer. (That’s the start of the list anyway.) And last week my worlds had a little collision.  I was actually traveling to a conference for ScanSource, Inc (where I work as a Director of Marketing) and had the opportunity to meet and talk with Roy Spence. (In my opinion, one of our world’s most amazing marketers)

He was inspiring!  His message was about finding your purpose in life, and then finding a way to fulfill it.  Since Neely’s battle with ADEM, I have felt constantly lead to share her story with others. I truly cannot stop.  There is a constant pull on my subconscious to do more, say more, talk more about her illness and the journey that we traveled to help her recover. Quite honestly, sometimes I think the people around me get tired of hearing me talk about it but that doesn’t silence the voice in my head that tells me to keep going.

Roy’s advice to me was very simple. “Write the book, Christy, and let the rest of the pieces fall where they may.”  It’s not revolutionary advice, but since it came from a revolutionary thinker I’m taking it that way.  My conversation with Roy ignited a new spark. It is yet another turning point (or pushing forward point) on this journey that began with Neely’s Miracle. Below is a video of the presentation that Roy gave at the conference. It is well worth the hour-if you chose to watch the entire clip.

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