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Were you at the Roger C Peace “Run for Thought”?

Article posted on Wednesday, April, 6th, 2011 at 10:07 pm

We had a great time participating in the 4th Annual Run for Thought (Presented by the Roger C Peace Rehabilitation Center) to raise money for the Brain Injury Association.

Neely spent time at Roger C Peace while she was recovering from ADEM and the therapists there were wonderful.  The Run for Thought was a great way for us to give back.  I thought the 5k might be a little much for the Thompson Crew – so we opted for the 1 mile fun run and even convinced Neely’s Aunt Carrie and Uncle Potter to join the fun. I was grateful to have the help when Neely decided she needed a “piggy-back ride” after about 1/10th of a mile.  Whew!

Ava and Uncle Potter sprinted the 1 mile and were the first to cross the finish line – Their triumphant finish line cross occurred with Neely cheering and clapping (from behind)  It was a beautiful day – and a great reminder of how far we have come from that “1st step” taken in the Children’s Hospital a little over a year ago.


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