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The Physicians Office of the Future

Article posted on Wednesday, December, 1st, 2010 at 7:47 am

I read a great article about the Physicians Office of the Future and wanted to share the vision.  Yes, this article is posted on the website of an IT trade publication.  And it is ok for you to call me a nerd for reading it. (Assuming you haven’t already put me in that category.)

According to this article, the Patient of the not-so-far-away future has a lot to look forward to thanks to improved IT technology. And electronic medical records are just the beginning.  Imagine being able to access all of your medical records from all of your doctors and make changes with the click of a mouse. Think about the possibilities of patient transfer and referrals happening in hours instead of weeks, prescriptions being automatically forwarded to your favorite pharmacy, and having the ability to talk with your physician via email.

The patient of the not-so-far-away future is going to have a far better healthcare experience than they do today.  That patient, who is already empowered with information, will not be empowered with access. It could be a really big step forward in the effort to create doctor-patient partnerships.  True partnerships – where both doctor and patient see each other as equals, listen openly, and work together to achieve health and happiness.

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