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My Scars are Invisible

Article posted on Friday, December, 3rd, 2010 at 7:00 am

Neely had a conversation with my sister this week about scars.  She is very interested in “Boo-Boo’s”…..I guess most children her age are as well.

She pointed out each little scar that she found on my sister and asked all sorts of questions about where it came from, what happened, and if it still hurt.  And then she made a comment about her own scars. (Side Note: Neely doesn’t have any physical scars. We are lucky that her condition did not require any surgeries or procedures that left long term visible marks.)  Neely said, “I have scars. But mine are invisible.”

I have no way of knowing what she really means by that or whether there is any real meaning in it at all.  It could just be the imagination of a 4 year old and the desire to be like an adult that she admires.  But I can’t help but wonder if it is in those moments that God is speaking through her….Reminding us that sometimes, the most painful scars, are invisible. And it is only in acknowledging them, that we begin to heal.

Maybe Neely does have “invisible scars.”  And if she does, we have a lot to learn from her about how to face them. With a giant smile, and acknowledgment of what is real, and amazing courage as we continue to take the next step.  We should all be as confident and persistent.

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