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Frustrating Doctors Appointment

Article posted on Tuesday, December, 14th, 2010 at 9:04 am

We had a very frustrating Doctors appointment last week.  Not because of the doctor or the visit – But because of the news we heard. I’m trying to stay focused on the positive and things that we can control. (But I did take one full day to just have a pity party.)

Neely is starting to struggle with weight gain.  And while this seems like such a small problem compared to the things that we could be facing, it still makes me worry.  She had gained 7 pounds since out last visit (Just 6 months ago).  You’ll just have to trust me when I say – We live a healthy life-style, and Neely is a healthy eater.  She doesn’t think twice about snacking on raw carrot sticks.  So we have to look at the possibility of other things that could be causing the weight gain.

It could be a metabolic or thyroid issue. (And of course we still have to work hard to rule out diet and exercise as a culprit)….so this is where we stand.

We will have a check up in January and Neely will be tested to check for any metabolic or thyroid issues. And in the meantime, I am keeping a food journal and an activity record to show her doctor at that appointment. (It is a bit difficult to keep an activity record for a very active 4 year old. I’m not sure how to track jumping up and down while asking a million questions :-)

When we were at Roger C Peace, one of the Doctors told us that if there was damage to her brain from ADEM trauma, it would likely start to show when Neely hit the age 4/5 stage of growth and development.  That Stage is the second of 3 major brain development stages that all children have.  The third is during the teen-age years. (I realize that it is all a guess, and no one can no for sure) But that conversation at Roger C Peace is constantly in the back of my mind,  and the fact that Neely’s 4th Birthday was just a couple of weeks ago didn’t help me to forget it.

I actually hope that I am wrong about her diet – and that the weight gain is a diet and exercise issue.  Because that would eliminate my fear of her having any long term damage as a result of her condition. So we are staying focused on those things that we can control – and will be armed with records and questions when we arrive for that check-up.


  • Also look to her medication as a culprit. When my brother was little the Dr.’s gave my mom an earfull about him NOT gaining wieght…after a ton of tests they figured out that it was his medication he takes to control his siezures. Then they went too far the other way and he gained a ton of wieght. Again, after a ton of tests they found the culprit to again be his medication. After adjustments again they found a combination that worked. He then maintained a normal weight for his age.

    I will keep you in my prayers for the peace hat only our heavenly Father can bring.

  • I immediately thought medication too. I have two friends on seizure meds and they both talk about issues of weight gain related to the medicine.

  • Mr daughter had ADEM at the age of 12. The doctors at Univ. of Chicago can’t explain her recovery. It would take too long to write. Please email me your phone number and I’ll be happy to call you. The weight gain is from the medication. Is your child on Kepra?

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