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Scary Trips to the Dentist

Article posted on Thursday, November, 18th, 2010 at 8:09 am

So we went to the Dentist this week for a simple cleaning.  The entire family had appointments for the same evening – It’s just easier for me to schedule that way.  And I was dreading the appointment for days leading up to it.

The last time we took Neely to the Dentist, it didn’t go so well.  I’m sure that she isn’t all that different from a lot of other children in that regard.  She cried, covered her mouth, and refused to even get near the chair when it was her turn.  We promised her everything – just to get a quick look…But she would not budge.

I was a little worried that this appointment would be the same.   Since Neely’s illness, she will not let anyone near her mouth. (I assume from all the medicine that she had to take – She has just had enough of people trying to put things in her mouth.)  And while she is really enthusiastic about brushing her teeth, she refuses to let her Dad or I help her brush to make sure that she is doing a good job.  We just have to hope that she is.  Which made me worry that there might be a cavity or two…..which would lead to a filling…which would lead to another tough appointment. Ugh!

So I really hoped that our Dentist would be able to give her a good cleaning and examination. I have to admit – she talked a good game leading up to the appointment that day.  She was completely confident and actually seemed to be excited about going. (I was sure that she was putting up a front – That’s how Neely rolls ;-)

To my delight and surprise, it wasn’t a front at all.  When it was her turn, she hopped right up in the chair and flashed those pearly whites. She couldn’t have been more proud to show off her brush-work and to walk away with a treat bag for being such a good patient.  And to my complete relief – No cavities!

I think this appointment may have broken the cycle of “scary dentist appointments” for me and Neely.  Next time, there will be no dreading!

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