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25 Days and 625 Items to Give, Trash or Sale

Article posted on Tuesday, November, 30th, 2010 at 5:13 pm

So much of what we have learned the last two years is about prioritizing and time.  Of course, we have always known the value of family time and special moments with our children.  But Neely’s illness gave us an entirely new perspective on the importance of living every day to its fullest and not sacrificing those things that you deem most important for the sake of things that you just feel obligated to do.

So we began to look for ways to simplify our life.  Learning to say “No” without feeling guilty, setting priorities that help us meet our family goals, and eliminating the clutter in our lives.  I’ve become fascinated by the idea of the minimalist.  Now don’t think I’ve gone overboard, I’m not on the brink of selling everything we own to go and live in the Rain Forest.  But I do believe that we spend way to much time collecting, caring for, and managing things.

So we are trying to stop.  Being that this is the Holiday Season, interwoven with family time and the spirit of giving, it seemed like a great time to take our minimalist approach to a new level.  And we decided to take a challenge.

For each of the 25 Days leading up to Christmas, we are going to find 25 things in our house that we can give away, throw away, or sale.  That’s a total of 25 days and 625 things!   I wish I could put a number on the space that we will un-clutter and the time that we will reclaim.

This challenge is a little different from the typical posts that you find on NeelysMiracle.  (Don’t worry – there will be plenty of Neely-isms and health updates as well.)  But because this challenge is something our family is taking very seriously, I plan to give you a quick update each day to let you know how we are doing.  If you want to follow us along on this project, check out our Project Blog.

We’re also inviting you to join us in this challenge.  Empower yourself…Take control of your time…and take back your life.  It’s as easy as asking yourself 3 questions: Give it? Trash it? or Sale it?

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