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Google Answers HealthCare Questions for Frustrated Parents

Article posted on Tuesday, October, 19th, 2010 at 9:45 pm

Well, Not exactly.  But it seems Google is the easiest place for Parents to turn.  I connected with another Mom this week who is looking for answers (and hope) as her son recovers from ADEM.  Her family turned to the Internet to find answers (and questions) because her instincts were telling her that she may not be getting the best advice from her current team of physicians.  (It can happen – they’re only human)

But my conversation with that Mom has me thinking….. about the same thing I’ve been thinking about for over a year. When you need medical advice, and you don’t have confidence in your existing physician (for whatever reason), Where do you go?  Who helps patients that are stuck in the referral waiting period, in the next round of tests, or in the bureaucracy of healthcare/insurance providers?  Where or who can those patients turn to?

For everything that I have learned over the 18 months talking with other parents and healthcare providers – There still isn’t a good answer to that question.  As I talked with this Mom, and she shared her fears for her son, I still felt the same familiar frustration…. that when you need help fast – your options are limited.

I don’t know the answer, but I know I will keep asking the question until we figure it out.

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