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Doctors that Earn your Trust will Earn your Business

Article posted on Thursday, October, 7th, 2010 at 8:22 am

I heard a statistic (trying to chase down the original survey) that in 44% of all malpractice cases, the patient originally seeks legal counsel not because they are convinced that a medical error has been made, but because they believe their healthcare provider is withholding information.

It’s about trust. I think that in too many cases, Doctors mistakenly believe that their medical degree grants them immediate trust upon entering the exam room of their new patient.  But this is not the case. It seems that the Medical degree only grants them the key to the exam room, they still have to earn the respect, trust, and confidence of their patient. Tough job, but not all that different from any other service provider.

And that got me thinking…..In today’s world where information is truly at the fingertips of anyone with a computer (which is almost everyone) I can start to build confidence in any product or service provider by going to their website or reading reviews about them on another site.  It’s hard to name a product or service where this is not possible. Think about it – Where is the first place you go to find a contractor, landscaper, plumber, or electrician?  It use to be the yellow pages – now its Google.  And there is no shortage of information out there about any of the above mentioned.

So why isn’t it that easy to find Healthcare Providers?  There are medical care “review” sites out there.  But there aren’t very many, and they aren’t very good.  If you know of one,  please share the link in the comments section.  Most hospitals and some Doctors Offices now have websites that are pretty robust in terms of their services provided and facilities……But there are no patient reviews in most cases.   That means I can’t start to build confidence in my Doctor until he or she walks into the exam room and starts talking.

First impressions are generally made in approximately the first 30 seconds.  That is not much time to decide whether or not you trust the person who very literally could be holding your heart in their hand.  So I’m curious….You know how I go about finding/trusting a doctor .  But how do others do it?

If I were a doctor, I’d take every opportunity to “get out there” and introduce myself to the world.  If your good…and your patients attest to it…it would be hard to rise to the top.

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