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Who's Your Pediatrician?

Article posted on Wednesday, August, 25th, 2010 at 8:14 am

I can’t help myself – I have to ask.

Every time I meet someone new or join a discussion with a parent about their children.  The question starts burning deep in my chest.  It doesn’t matter how hard I try – I can’t think about anything else until I’ve asked who they trust with their child’s care.

I have always been a very private person, so in the beginning I felt like I was being intrusive – prying into their personal life.  Now I feel like I’m arming them with the knowledge they may need one day to save the life of their child. The question is always received warmly – and followed by a question of their own.  Usually something like, “Why? Do you know something I should know?”

There have been hundreds of conversation like that (between me and another parent) over the last year.  Every conversation begins with me telling our story and ends with me sharing this website with them. (And there are usually a few hugs, tears, and thank yous in between)

The most ironic conversations have happened when I ask that infamous question, “Who is your pediatrician?” and they respond with Christie Pediatric Group.  That has happened more than a few times.  And in that scenario, our story really hits home.

I’ve been flooded with people who contact me to share similar stories about how being their own best health care advocate saved a life.  It’s those stories that inspire me to keep writing.  This world is full of problems that we may never be able to solve – war, poverty, crime, disease, the list goes on and on…..But educating people by sharing our stories is something we can do.

We are just one family – taking one step at a time – trying to use our experience to help other families like us.  Please help us!  Post a link to this post in your Facebook page or email it to your friends and families.  Creating awareness is the first step.

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