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Top 10 things you should never fear saying to your Doctor.

Article posted on Wednesday, August, 18th, 2010 at 8:00 am

We’ve all been there – Standing in the exam room, listening to the doctor explain the probable causes of your symptoms and offering his/her opinion on what your next steps should be. “Opinion” is the key word there.   However educated that opinion may be, it is still just one theory.  That is why is so important for you to trust the person who is offering that opinion to you.  Choose your doctor or pediatrician carefully and choose your course of treatment even more carefully. (Check here to see how I find/evaluate doctors)

With that being said – Here are the top 10 things that you should never be afraid to say to your doctor.

1.)  I want a second opinion.

2.) I don’t feel like you are listening to me. I know “Me” better than “you” do and this is not normal for “me”.

3.) I want a <fill in the blank with your medical test here.>

4.) What makes you think that?

5.) Are there any other treatment options available to me?

6.) How many patients have you treated with this condition? (whatever condition you may have)

7.) How long have you been in practice?

8.) Do you have children? Would you recommend this for your child under similar circumstances?

9.) I want a copy of my records.

10.) I think your wrong.  Let’s try something else.

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