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The Toilet Paper Caper

Article posted on Tuesday, August, 17th, 2010 at 8:00 am

You know the kind I’m talking about….

You discover a giant pile of toilet paper in your bathroom. Someone seems to have “accidentally” unrolled all the paper from the roll and left it lying in the floor of the bathroom. You take a deep breath and start walking toward the closest likely culprit.

Since this happens about 3 times per week at our house, there was no question that Neely most likely the suspect that needed interrogating.  She was sitting criss-cross apple sauce in her room having a tea party (using real water which is against the rules…not sure how she slipped that one by me, but we’ll deal with that in a minute) when I approach.

“Neely, Did you unroll the toilet paper and leave it in a pile on the floor.”

No Response.

“Neely, Did you hear me?”

No Response.

“Neely, I’m not playing…Look at me.”

No Response.

This is the part where my “parent-of-a-child-recovering-from-ADEM-and-seizures” kicks in. I race over, drop to my knees, put both hands on her shoulders and look right into her eyes.  I’m sure my voice sounds frantic and I continue to say, “Neely, can you hear me? Are you OK?”

This whole routine lasted less than a minute but felt like much longer. (Long enough for my heart race, my mind to start calculating next steps, noting the time, and trying to remember where I laid down my phone so that I can call 911)

When Neely starts to smile…followed by a giggle eruption….followed by “I’m just teasin’ Mom.”

Really?  The child is a mastermind.

Not only did she cleverly distract me from delivering a good strong toilet-paper-caper punishment,  she also distracted me from the “real-water” tea party she was having.  I was so relieved that she was fine and frustrated that I had been duped by a 3 year old that I just sat down criss-cross applesauce and joined the party.

Those daydreaming looks and blank stares are indicators of a seizure occurring or about too. (At least that what it has been like for Neely) And in many of cases they are also JUST Blank Stares.  But it never stops my heart from skipping a beat when I see her drifting off to dream-land.

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