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Off to School

Article posted on Monday, August, 16th, 2010 at 8:05 am

Today is a big day!

Ava’s first day of 1st Grade and Neely’s first day at Poppy’s Preschool!

We decided to keep Neely out of a traditional preschool this year.  We struggled with that decision – because we really wanted her to have the same wonderful preschool experience that Ava did.  But it seemed like an unnecessary risk to take.  No matter how many precautions  – schools are breeding grounds for GERMS!

Neely’s immune system is no longer suppressed, and she has been off of steroids for almost a year.  But Jamie and I decided for her well being and our peace of mind that we would take every opportunity to avoid the School-Bugs for as long as we can.

So Poppy’s Pre-school was established!  (Poppy is Ava and Neely’s Grandfather…My Dad.)

Armed with flash cards, alphabet toys, counting bears, and more…Poppy decided to “home-school” Neely for 3K.  I’m not sure which of them is more excited.  He says they won’t start Algebra until after Christmas. ;-)   Stay tuned for progress updates….

Needless to say, both girls jumped out of bed this morning ready for their first day of school and sporting their matching monogrammed lunch boxes. (I really can’t help myself when it comes to matching – I’m working on it.)

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