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No Vest. No Hesitation. No Worries.

Article posted on Wednesday, August, 11th, 2010 at 11:00 am
A really great friend of mine, Michele, recently sent me this message on Facebook.  It strikes right at the heart of the one great summer-time fear that all parents face.  The child who can’t swim – but finds a way into the pool.
Michele is the kind of Mom that you can’t help but admire.  She really has mastered that delicate balance of playmate and parent that we all want to be.  My point is…She is an involved, attentive, caring, empowered Mom. And if this could happen to her, it could happen to anyone.
Take a look at her story and check out the product that she is recommending. It may be something that you want to add to your bag of tricks. (Learn More about the vest.)
“I have to pass this along since our children are about the same age….some of your kids know how to swim while some of your others are young like my daughter.
My daughter has worn a beginners swimmer vest since the first moment she was in the water. It’s the kind where you gradually take the foam pads out and they become more and more independent with their swimming. She appears to be treading water the entire time she is wearing it. I do believe today it saved her life.
I was talking with a friend at the pool during adult swim. She was beside me and had requested I take her vest off while she was eating a snack. Without me knowing, she got in the pool….still, no vest. I’m not quite sure how long she had been in but what I do know is that her little arms and legs were treading water as hard as she could tread. Her face was above the water line. I don’t know how much longer she would have lasted, I don’t want to think about that.
Of course I now want all kids that don’t know how to swim to have these vests. She has learned to be self sufficient in the water, and it’s all from the vest.”

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