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Krispy Kreme Dreams

Article posted on Wednesday, August, 4th, 2010 at 8:00 am

What’s better than staying up past your bedtime, going to the doughnut shop in your pajamas, and having a sugar rush that takes you well into the night?

Not much.

Or at least that’s what Ava and Neely thought.  I am probably not going to win Mother-of-the-year for this one, but I wouldn’t trade the giggles and squeals of excitement for anything.

We were actually already in bed reading night-time stories when Ava had the brilliant idea of going to Krispy Kreme (our local doughnut Mecca!) for a night time snack.   Honestly, they didn’t have to work to hard to convince me.  Neely already struggles with insomnia at times (a side effect of her anti-seizure medicine) so I figured a doughnut wouldn’t make that much of an impact.

They even had the “hot, fresh, now” sign on….Yummy!

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