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Who are your Doctor Heroes?

Article posted on Saturday, July, 17th, 2010 at 8:00 am

We have heroes!  And I bet you do too.

Since sharing Neely’s story and our negative experience with Christie Pediatric Group (in Greenville, SC), I get all sorts of questions about the doctors that we are using now, who and how we choose a physician, and what is important to us when we’re looking.

And while we all realize that Doctors are only human, there are a rare few that truly go above and beyond to connect with and help their patients.  (not unlike any profession really, some people come to the battlefield ready to fight while others coming hoping to hide behind the bushes!)

Our Heroes are the Doctors and Nurses that cared (really cared), listened, took action, and treated us like we were their family. (Because we consider them part of ours.)  Tell us about your heroes – If you know of a doctor or nurse that is perfectly described as a Hero, tell us who they are.  This audience would value your doctor recommendations.  You never know when we might need them.

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