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One Doctor from Christie Pediatric seemed Sincere

Article posted on Friday, July, 9th, 2010 at 8:00 am

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention one Doctor from Christie Pediatric Group that showed us sincerity. Ironically, in our 6 years of being patients at Christie Pediatric Group, he was the doctor that we had seen the least of.  (There are 9 physicians currently in the group. 5 of the 9 doctors were involved in Neely’s case in some way. Some just over the phone)

James B Nichols, Jr worked with Dr. Augusto Morales to schedule Neely’s tests the first day (of her 2nd trip) to the Childrens Hospital.  He also performed her spinal tap.  After we dismissed the Christie Pediatric Group from Neely’s care, Dr. James B Nichols came to the PICU to check on Neely.

He told us that he was there not as a doctor, but as a parent, and wanted to know how Neely was doing.  I felt his sincerity and concern and was appreciative for that.

We didn’t see him again.

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