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Starbucks was at the Hospital with us

Article posted on Tuesday, July, 20th, 2010 at 8:00 am

You read that right.  I said Starbucks.  We have never been huge Starbucks fans, always preferring to support our local Batista’s, but during our stay at Greenville Children’s Hospital we learned to appreciate “the coffee that brings people together.” (or so they say on their web-site.)  There is a Starbucks located inside the hospital – about a 2 minute walk from any of the Children’s Hospital Elevators.

Those 19 days in the hospital were stressful (just stating the obvious here – it makes me feel better) to say the least and neither Jamie or I could find the appetite to eat much.  So that cup o joe became even more important.  Some days, my Nonfat Venti Caramel latte, made up my entire days nutrition.  Not the smartest choice…but you do what you can.

During the 5-10 minutes it took to drink that coffee every day (ok – sometimes twice a day) I would think through everything that that had happened since my last cup.  That Venti cup from Starbucks became my Calgon! It gave me an opportunity to mentally re-group, assess our progress, and be sure of our next steps.  Thank you Starbucks – for helping us through the rough times.

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