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Riding My Bike

Article posted on Monday, July, 12th, 2010 at 8:00 am

It started on the 5th floor of the Greenvile Childrens Hospital and hasn’t stopped.

Neely absolutely loves riding her bike.  She had so much fun playing outside over the July 4th Holiday.  She and her sister, Ava, ride for hours and never seem to tire of it.  It is really hard to believe that just a year ago Neely was working hard in physical therapy to get her balance and stamina back.

Her first trip outside during her ADEM Recovery came after 15 days of being hospitalized (25 days after getting sick).  It took all of her energy just to walk out into the grass and find a place to sit down.  She just sat and watched the breeze blow the grass and trees for about 5 minutes before she was ready to go back inside.  That feels like a distant memory now.  Neely walks along our brick walkway (as if it is a tight rope) and never misses a step.  She climbs the latter and rock wall on her playground as easily and gracefully as her older sister and giggles all the while.

It is so wonderful to watch! We have such an appreciation for how hard she has worked to come back.

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