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Christie Pediatric Group Never Apologized

Article posted on Wednesday, July, 7th, 2010 at 7:50 pm

So many of you have asked me about Christie Pediatric Group’s  (our former pediatrician) response since Neely’s illness that I thought I should share my answer via this blog.

They never apologized. The physicians at Christie Pediatric Group, Greenvile, SC  have not tried to contact us or check on Neely since we were released from the hospital.  Neely was treated primarily by Dr. Kevin Springle and Dr. William L Wylie, however 5 of the 9 physicians currently practicing with Christie Pediatric Group touched Neely’s case in some way (even if only by phone.)

While we were still in the PICU at Greenville Childrens Hospital, we received a call from Dr. Kevin Springle.  I didn’t write down his exact words from that conversation so I can’t quote them here.  But the conversation lasted about 2 minutes and when it was over I felt like he had only called to rationalize his actions and choices – not to apologize.

Later during our hospital stay (at Roger C Peace) we were visited by Dr. William L Wylie from Christie Pediatric Group.  He is the doctor who admitted us to the hospital from the Children’s ER the second time.  He is also the doctor who recommended we keep her at home (that night), watch her through the night, and bring her into his office the next morning.

I believe that if I’d kept her at home that night she would have died.  Every minute counts with a brain injury.

Dr. William L Wylie did not apologize.  I did not feel like his visit (at Roger C Peace) was motivated by a sincere concern for Neely, so I asked the doctors and nurses on duty to prevent him from visiting, eliminate his access to any of Neely’s files, and to keep him away from us.   We didn’t talk to him again.

This is what I WISH Christie Pediatric Group had said: (but they didn’t)

“Mrs Thompson, I am sorry that Neely is having to go through this. I am even sorrier that we didn’t recognize it sooner.  We should have referred you to a specialist and I regret that we did not. I should have taken your concerns seriously and I regret that did not listen more closely to you.  There is no substitution for a mothers intuition. We are going to take steps to make sure that Mothers feel “heard” in our practice.”

Having received an acknowledgment of ownership and a sincere apology for what we went through would have gone a long way toward repairing my relationship and opinion of Christie Pediatric Group.  Unfortunately, that has not happened.

Choose your doctors carefully and know that you are your own (and your child’s) best health care advocate.

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