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A Girl with Priorities and a Strong Will

Article posted on Monday, July, 19th, 2010 at 8:00 am

Funny, Determined, Curious, Loving…all words that I would use to describe Neely.

She keeps us laughing.   A few weeks ago, I found Neely in my bathroom surrounded by my make-up. She had rosy cheeks, red lips, and a rainbow of colors around her eyes.  When she saw me walk in the bathroom, she looked at me with the most sincere face you have ever seen,  Held out her hands in serrender and said, “I’m just a clown, mom. I’m just a clown.”

(I wish I had snapped a picture.) Of course, I couldn’t punish her.  I just sat down in the floor and joined the make-up party.

Everyday is another adventure for Neely.  I so admire her strong will and and am amazed by how she can “push-through” anything.  But it you’ve spent anytime on this site – you couldn’t doubt that.

Neely is our little miracle – literally. And that is enough inspiration for a lifetime.


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