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Finding a Doctor, Again

Article posted on Wednesday, June, 23rd, 2010 at 6:41 pm

Obviously, after living through this experience with Neely, our approach to finding, investigating, evaluating, and choosing a physician of any kind has taken on a whole new meaning.

This last month, we were able to put our new method to the test. My oldest daughter (and Neely’s big sister) needed to have a consult with an ENT (Ears, Nose, Throat Specialist). Our pediatrician (who we also went to great lengths to find and evaluate) recommended we see Dr. Michael Greene, MD of Provident ENT.

These are the steps I followed before and after our appointment to evaluate Dr. Greene as a doctor and to be able to make an informed decision about whether or not we would allow him to operate on our little girl.

  • Prior to Appointment: Reviewed Provident ENT’s web-site making note of the number of years in practice, background for Dr. Greene, and bios for all other office personnel.
  • During the Appointment: Asked questions regarding Dr. Greene and his family. (It was important for to me to know if he has children, their ages, and to understand his general parenting style) I also took notice of the friendliness of the office staff, their tendency to speak to and make my daughter feel comfortable, and how they made us feel when we were there. It was important to me that we felt like patients (not products) and that the staff were good listeners making sure they fully understood the symptoms and concerns that we had before jumping to a solution. (During the appointment we determined that Ava’s tonsils and adenoids would need to be removed)
  • After the Appointment: Review background of medical facility, anesthesiologist that would be on staff for her surgery. I also used my Social Networks (Linked In Groups and Facebook) to ask if anyone had been a patient of Dr. Greene or Dr. Crawley (the anesthesiologist) I received over 25 responses through various networks from people that had experience (as patients) with these doctors.

The information that I had consumed by the time the surgery day approached was enough for me to feel comfortable with our choice in physician, anesthesiologist, medical facility, and treatment plan. And all the hard work paid off. Ava’s surgery lasted about 8 minutes and she was in recovery for about 4 hours. She has had the best of experience we could hoped for. Recovery has been easy for her. Both the medical facility and the Dr’s office have called to personally check on her progress and make sure that we had everything we needed. (Note: They even called all of her prescriptions in to our pharmacy the day before her surgery so that we could have them at home ready for our arrival.)

Ava is doing great! She has eaten more ice-cream and Popsicles in the last week than she has had the entire month previously. She has had very little pain. But the best part is that it was a great experience for her. With everything that Ava had witnessed Neely go through this last year, she was very afraid to go to the hospital or even the doctors office. Dr. Greene and his staff helped her to feel comfortable and relaxed. They focused on her feelings, her health, and her ability to understand what needed to be done.

I would recommend Dr. Michael Greene, MD to anyone who needs a pediatric ENT. But more than that, I would recommend the process that we went through to find him.

Don’t anyone else to make your health care decisions. You get to choose your doctor, your anesthesiologist, your medical facility, your treatment plan, and your experience. Be an advocate for your child and for yourself as a patient and Know Your Doctor.

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