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Results from this weeks EEG

Article posted on Tuesday, October, 27th, 2009 at 12:37 pm

Over the last 2 weeks Neely has been having 10 to 15 “episodes” per day. The episodes mimic the signs of a seizure and caused enough concern for her Neuro-team to schedule a long-term EEG. (4-6 hours in length)

Neely did great during the test. She gets really nervous now before and during tests…who wouldn’t? Luckily (even though that sounds weird), Neely had 4 of these episodes during the EEG so we will be able to evaluate her results with confidence knowing that we could isolate those episodes and see exactly what is happening during those times.

Her Doctor is confident that the episodes she has been experiencing are not seizures. This is great news! Neely still has slower brain activity coming from the areas where she has scar tissue on the brain (a direct result of ADEM) At this point, we have to assume that those episodes are a side effect of her medicine. We hope that as she continues to adjust to those meds….the side effects will subside.

We are grateful for the good news!

I just talked to Dr. Morales about the results of Neely’s EEG last Tuesday. He said the “episodes” that we have been seeing are NOT seizures. Great news! He said she still has a tendency for seizure (slower brain waves from the scar tissue area) but that those “episodes” are likely a side effect from the increased dose of meds. We are just going to continue to watch her to see that the side effects subside as she adjusts.

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