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Back to School

Article posted on Thursday, September, 24th, 2009 at 1:21 am

For the first time ever…..I couldn’t be happier to see this summer quickly slide into nothing more than a vague memory.
So we have embraced back to school with open arms! Ava started Kindergarten this year at Abner Creek Elementary. Her teachers, Mrs. Mehaffey and Mrs. Fowler, have quickly become regular topics at our dinner table. Jamie and I dropped her off on the first day and watched as she marched straight through the front door of the school – She never looked back.

Oh how I wish I had the even an ounce of the courage that she does. Her class goes to lunch at 10:40 each day….Crazy Early! Jamie went to school (without Ava knowing of course) to peek into the cafeteria and see how she was doing. He said that Ava was entertaining a table ful of little girls….lots of laughter and that she was all smiles.

I suppose one day we will tell her how worried and proud we were for her on that day.

Neely wasn’t able to start school this fall. She was signed up to attend 2K at Mauldin United Methodist but her Doctors were not comfortable releasing her for school just yet. The risk of her getting sick again while she is still healing is to great to chance. Instead, Neely gets lots of one on one time with Jamie and I and Kate (our Nanny)

A few of Neely’s favorite things this fall are regular trips to “the circle store” (aka Target) and wearing her new blue jeans. Too cute!

This picture was taken while she waited for Ava to get out of dance class.

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