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Back the the Emergency Room with Neely

Article posted on Monday, September, 28th, 2009 at 6:38 pm

On Saturday, We were out for a typical day of shopping and errands in Greenville. Neely had been laughing and playing with Ava as normal. We were in the store looking around when all of sudden she wouldn’t respond to a question that I asked. One quick look at her face and I new we were in trouble.

Neely’s eyes were dilated and jerking, her face was expressionless and her shoulders and she lost movement of her arms and torso. She only muttered a few words….”its dark” (her vision was gone) and “hold me.” Jamie and I ran for the car as I dialed 911 and they instructed us to go to St. Frances Hospital (Pelham Rd) emergency room so that they could stop the seizing.

We were there for about 90 minutes, had a CT scan and blood work and were then transported to GVL Children’s Hospital where Neely’s team of physicians were waiting for us. Throughout the night the seizure activity subsided but Neely was very weak and tired.

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