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A Day of Tests…and now we wait

Article posted on Monday, September, 28th, 2009 at 6:50 pm

Yesterday, Neely was monitored for additional Seizure activity as they increased her doses. Her activity level came back and she was responding normally.

Today we were scheduled for and MRI and EEG. Neely’s Neurological team isn’t sure why she had the seizure. There are several theories. Without a doubt, this is a complication of ADEM. It is possible that her existing inflammation (which has been slowly improving) took a turn for the worse. This could also be a recurrence of ADEM (meaning we would be headed down the same path we went in May) or this could be the first presentation of Epilepsy, which ADEM patients can develop as a result of the condition.

We are in hopes that the MRI and EEG will give us a clear indication of the cause and help us to determine the appropriate next steps.

Neely is exhausted from the day, but is in good spirits and has a healthy appetite. All good signs…

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  • We are so proud of this little stinker.

  • Ava told us today she went to the ER on Saturday. I saw this link on Facebook and came to see if it was updated with what is going on now with Miss Neely. Glad she is stable now and pray that the tests will give answers.

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