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The Neely Update for Wednesday

Article posted on Wednesday, June, 3rd, 2009 at 3:55 pm

The results from her MRI are in. Hopefully I can explain this well. The MRI shows that the inflammation on the outside of her brain has gone down significantly, if not completely. However, the inner ‘gray matter’ part of her brain still shows inflammation and lesions. So if I understand this correctly it means that her brain is aware of and receiving stimulus but is unable to process sometimes and so she gets confused.

Her speech is much better. She has been sitting up in the bed and playing a good bit. She has so many medical professionals coming in to see her everyday. She has 3 therapists, child life specialists, a team of pediatricians and neurologists, and about 8 nurses that tend to her. Visitors are still limited because of all that and also because she is way overstimulated at times by noise, movement, color, etc.

We are still taking it day by day and unsure of when she will be able to come home. The doctors do expect that when she does leave the regular hospital, she will move to the Roger C Peace Rehabilitation Center for inpatient care before she can go home.

Neely looks so much better. Christy sent these pictures of her waiting for her MRI.

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