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The Neely Update for Thursday

Article posted on Thursday, June, 4th, 2009 at 3:58 pm

Before I share the good news from yesterday, I want to share a little Neely story. On Tuesday, I went for a short visit to see our girl at GHS Childrens Hospital. While I was there, Christy, Jamie, Neely and I decided to take a walk downstairs to look at the fish aquarium on the 5th floor. The rocks on the bottom of the tank are white. There was one, only one, black rock. Neely looked at it for a minute, then pointed and said, “Dat’s poop.” Then she looked at her mom and said, “Who frew dat in dere?” We all got a belly laugh from that one, except Neely, who was still very perplexed by this situation.

So, the good news is that Neely is taking control! Yesterday was such a big day for her. Her IV is gone. She met with three therapists yesterday. They took her to the the play room where she began walking with assistance. By the end of the day, she could walk unassisted but she is very unsteady and loses balance a good bit. Through the therapy session she rode a tricycle several laps around the room (with assistance).

Christy, Jamie, and Neely met with Dr. Toma from Roger C Peace to discuss Neely’s inpatient therapy. They should be moving there today! Our girl is on her way. She has amazed everyone (especially her physicians) with her strength and ADEM recovery. She is nothing short of a miracle in every way.

This picture shows a very sleepy little girl after her first day of play

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