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The Weekend Neely Update

Article posted on Sunday, May, 31st, 2009 at 3:52 pm

After all the good news to report for Friday, later in the evening the nurses discovered that the vein her IV was in collapsed. So they put it in her right foot (its already been in all the other limbs). They giver her all her meds through the IV and its almost too much for her little veins. Lets hope that this one holds out, next step would be neck or hip. She had some trouble sleeping on Friday night, apparently the PICU was used for some overflow from the Greenville ER and there was a good bit of noise on the floor.

Jon and I went to visit on Saturday afternoon for a bit. Neely was out of the bed and in her Mom’s lap in the chair. She is no longer wearing the Dora hospital gown but has switched to her own Sleeping Beauty nightgown. She is experiencing some tremoring and seems to be a little frustrated by it. She tried to say something to her Dad, but we could only make out the word ‘Daddy’ before she gave up. The doctor says that as the feeling comes back to Neely’s body she will feel the ‘pins and needles’ sensation and it may be unpleasant. The seizure like symptoms are not completely gone but they are less and less and we are so thankful that we see such obvious progress.

For those of you who know Neely well, you know that she NEVER has a lack of appetite. Through this sickness, she has wanted nothing. But while we were visiting, she happily let Uncle Potter feed her Goldfish crackers and a banana. Her appetite is getting stronger everyday. Christy and Jamie report that her meals are more like snacks, but she is eating something and staying hydrated, and that’s all we can ask for here. So we left the hospital with a new confidence in seeing her progress, but still very anxious knowing we are not out of the woods yet.

Sunday morning I received a call saying that Neely was crawling (slowly) last night from one end of the bed to the other! This morning, Christy was on the phone with my parents and she held the phone to Neely’s face and she said “Hey Nanna! Hey Poppy!” Shortly after that, Christy was helping her stand on the floor and she took a few steps. Such a happy day to see her recovering so well. She is still in PICU. We are unsure of when she will move to a regular room. I will be sure to update when that happens.

Thank you all for your prayers. God is so good.

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