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The Neely Update

Article posted on Thursday, May, 28th, 2009 at 3:45 pm

I talked with Jamie earlier today and he reports that they removed the feeding tube from Neely sometime during the night to help her rest better. They will need to reinsert it if she doesn’t want to eat on her own. She has sipped on some ice chips and sweet tea today. She is not resting as well as we expected. She slept last night from about 2am to 7am. That was her first nap in more than 24 hours. She is trying to rest today but Jamie says she is pretty fussy. I am sure that she is just uncomfortable. But she has to be relieved that the feeding tube is gone. It was worrying her to pieces last night.

The doctors have her on several antibiotics to help with infection, Zantac to calm her very empty tummy, anti-seizure meds, and some relaxation meds.

We are still looking for any and every sign of progress. This morning Jamie asked her if she wanted to watch TV and she said “Yes.” Its the little things in this slow progression to recovery. It seems likely that she will remain in PICU for the rest of the week and maybe through the weekend, but rest assured that she isn’t going anywhere with out her Baby doll (named Ava) and her baa-boo (her blanket). These two things are her favorites and an amazing comfort to her.

I will post more when I talk with them again tonight. Maybe I can get some more pictures on here.

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