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The Neely Update for Friday

Article posted on Friday, May, 29th, 2009 at 3:49 pm

Neely slept through most of the night last night-YEAH! It is such a blessing for her to get the rest that her little body needs. Christy says that she is much more alert this morning and she is looking around the room like she is seeing it for the first time. Christy says that she is a little timid because of it. So it seems that her vision is getting clearer. She says that Neely is trying to speak at times but it is difficult to understand.

They have not had to reinsert her feeding tube and they allowed her to rest without her ‘snow cap’ through last night. I think they are going to put it back on at some time this morning. After a review of her EEG, the Doctor says that the majority of her brain is showing ‘normal’ activity, but there are some questionable reports showing from the back of her head.

Oh behalf of Christy and Jamie and family, thank you! thank you! thank you!, for the outpouring of love and support that everyone has shown this family. Our friends and family have brought food, toys, gifts, cards, research, prayer, encouragement, and love continuously. We are all very grateful!

Uncle Potter and Aunt Carrie are going to check-in with Neely-bug this evening, so I am sure we will have more to report then.Some background on Neely’s story here.

***3:30pm update on the update***Around lunchtime today, Neely woke up from a nap and had applesauce for lunch. After lunch, she noticed the Tom and Jerry on the TV. She and her big sister, Ava, LOVE Tom and Jerry…who doesn’t?? Christy leaned down about that time to sit beside her on the bed and Neely, still watching Tom and Jerry, giggled her sweet little giggle!!!! The nurse who was in the room at the time, turned to Neely and asked, “Was that funny?” Neely replied,”you can come down too.” In Neely-speak, she was asking the nurse to lay with her on the bed too. It was very softly spoken and a little slurred but you could hear those words. Hallelujah! Those five little words are packed with so much hope and encouragement, I just had to share!

***5:30pm***Christy also told me that Neely clearly had full use and control of her facial muscles and she was able to move her arms and hands a little. I still didn’t think we were ready for smiles and laughs…but she just sent this picture! Go, Neely, Go!

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