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Praying for Neely

Article posted on Tuesday, May, 26th, 2009 at 5:00 am

The stomach virus hit the Thompson family about 10 days ago. Neely got it and Christy got it. Jamie and Ava missed it. Christy recovered quickly. Neely’s little body hung on to it. For the last week, she has been battling nausea with absolutely no appetite. Her little body got weaker and weaker as the the week progressed. They had 3 visits to the doctor (Christie Pediatric Group, Dr. Kevin Springle) and no diagnosis.
On Saturday, her cries were reduced to wimpers, so Jamie and Christy took her to the Greenville Children’s Hospital ER. The doctors there ran about every test they could on her to rule out: menigitis, strep, gall bladder, appendix, urinary tract, etc. She had no fever, bloodwork came back ‘normal.’ The doctors look at the chart and see what should be a healthy 2 year old. They look in the hospital bed and see a very pitiful little girl. Apparently this unidentifiable virus has settled into her intestines.

Yesterday, Potter and I went to visit her in the pediatric wing of Greenville Memorial Hospital. At that particular moment, Neely had improved dramatically. She was eating and continued to eat a whole container of applesauce (her first meal in a week). She laughed a little and even spoke a few times. The nausea had subsided and she was hydrated from the IV. By the time we left, she was looking more like this…

Later in the evening, Christy sent this picture with the caption “getting better every minute”…and we thought we were out of the woods.

They brought Neely home from the hospital today but the nausea and vomiting has returned. They have not taken her back to the hospital yet. Please remember her in your prayers. I will continue to post updates as I can. We want to see a lot more of that third picture!

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