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Neely Update I

Article posted on Wednesday, May, 27th, 2009 at 3:21 pm

Christy and Jamie took Neely back to the ER last night. She still has very little appetite though she was able to eat about a half cup of yogurt yesterday afternoon. But she has presented some new symptoms. She is having some seizure like episodes. She is so sick and not herself at all. Christy sent me an update at 1:16am this morning to say that they would be meeting with a neurological pediatrician today and that they would do a spinal tap on Neely. Apparently a spinal tap is risky and can be painful. The doctors believe that Neely has some swelling around her brain and that could be causing these episodes.

Please continue to pray for this family.

Christy and Jamie are hanging in there but are worried about their little girl.

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