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Neely Update-Continuous

Article posted on Wednesday, May, 27th, 2009 at 3:23 pm

Christy just sent a message that she is having an EEG now followed by an MRI. Please pray that these tests go well.

* 9:46am: Doctors have noticed light seizure activity from the EEG test. They are going to medicate for that. She is going in for the MRI at 10:30am today.

* 2:30pm: No new news. No results from MRI yet. Neely is resting.

* 3:37pm: The doctors have decided to move Neely to ICU to monitor her seizure medication more closely.

Apparently this virus is wreaking havoc on her nervous system. But we know that her body may be little but it is tough. She is definitely a fighter! She got a double dose of that from her mom and dad!

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